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Welcome and thank you for visiting the eegmed website. This site has been conceptualized to provide a valuable study guide to new nursing graduates who are about to initiate hours of preparation for the nursing board exam, the NCLEX. Under the NCLEX section of the site, one will find review materials that will hopefully help as a guide for those who are about to embark on hours of studying for the board exam.

Meanwhile, the LINKS section of the website will benefit all nursing students, Registered Nurses and even those not oriented in the medical field in gaining additional clarity on certain medical information This section will showcase other websites that are concerned in providing pertinent topics towards the advancement of nursing practice and skills. For example, there are links to a medical dictionary or to a website that provides detailed interpretation of critical lab values.  

This website also includes a BLOG section that will comprise of issues that have been experienced by Registered Nurses. It will give the opportunity for other nurses willing to give their own point of view about any given situation. In doing so, this section should, optimistically, help others deal with similar situations. This section may also provide a possibility of opening-up a topic that might become the forefront of discussion for any major nursing organization in order to better the plight of Nursing as a career. 

Other than the use of other websites, there are a variety of nursing journals, magazines, newsletters and books that certainly equip nurses with choices that appeal to their respective interests. The IN THE PRESS section of this website will feature interesting commentaries or articles, along with a brief personal feedback.

A part of this website is the SCRUBS section. This section provides an online purchase of scrubs that have been reasonably priced and, most importantly, designed to benefit not just nurses but anyone who work in the medical field.