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EEGM are the initials of my full name, Eric Ernesto Gonzales Medalla. Born in Manila, Philippines, I am fluent in Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. I am also fluent in English, the medium of instruction of the schools I attended in the Philippines. I can also converse and write in Spanish, which has been very useful in my career.

I received my Bachelor of Nursing from New York University in 2006 and I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pace University in New York City. I currently work at the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Clinic under the Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC), a college affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, which is among the top-ranked hospitals in the country. 

Prior to Cornell, I worked at the Respiratory ICU/ Medicine unit at Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC), where I honed my clinical skills; familiarized myself in using ventilator machines and identifying heart arrhythmias; assessed pressure ulcers, vascular and arterial wounds,  peripheral or central IV lines; evaluated proper enteral feedings. Because of the invaluable experiences, along with the enduring support, I encountered at Mount Sinai, I have opted to maintain a per diem status at MSMC.

Before becoming a Registered Nurse, I worked at Mutual of America, a retirement investment company, where I started as Junior Accountant and worked my way up to a Senior Loan Manger position. As the manager, I was accountable for processing loan applications, creating of loan bills, application of remittances, reconciliation of 20 loan accounts, reviewing and updating the manual and conducting performance appraisals.


More importantly, as the Loan Manager, I was responsible for various customers and staff members, a unique position that, undoubtedly, helped me in my transition to my new career as a Registered Nurse. Customers of the insurance company called-in inquiring about their retirement plans because they had concerns that needed to be addressed. In the same manner, patients in hospitals or clinics are “customers” that are admitted in the hospital or walk into a doctor’s clinic because of concerns that are specific to the illnesses those individuals experience. In a way, by recognizing a sick individual as a customer instead of a patient with needs, enables me to deal with that individual as a person with legitimate issues, as oppose to seeing an indisposed patients complaining of pain.

In addition, being a Loan Manger gave me the opportunity to exercise patience which I constantly try to incorporate with my dealings with varied patients I encounter in the hospital and in the clinic. Moreover, my experiences as a manager allows me to effectively work with my nurse colleagues, nurses aides, and other clinic /  hospital staff in order to facilitate the care for patients, without compromising the institution’s standards and the patient’s safety.